Friday, April 14, 2006

April Progress Report

for a larger image of this Atlanta store, click here.

While the archivist is on maternity leave until June 26th, the first 1400 drawings are being cataloged by building set. The catalog information will be accessible by Fall semester 2006. One of the ways students, professors, and researchers will be able to find items using the library catalog is by location. In the current collection sample, there are over 47 different locations listed. By percentage, the most drawings are located in Milledgeville (34.1%). This statistic will likely change as more drawings are processed; Milledgeville is over-represented in the current sample of drawings due to the large government medical facilities built there in the 1950's.

The next four most represented locations by percentage in the current processed collection sample are:

Atlanta - 23.3% (all types of structures, but mainly residential and commercial buildings such as the one at the top of this post)

Covington - 3.88 % (Newton H.S. and associated buildings)

Lovejoy - 3.15% (Properties owned by the Talmadge family)

Smyrna - 3.15% in (commercial funeral home & office building)

The archives looks forward to providing access to these historical documents for those interested in Georgia history in the near future.

for a larger image of one of the Milledgeville buildings, click here.