Monday, May 15, 2006

May Progress Report

In the picture above, a university workman removes one of the old storage cabinets. For a larger image, click here.

The Archivist is out on maternity leave until June 26th, but progress on the architectural drawing collection continues. Brenton Stewart, our cataloger, is busy building records for each building set in MARC format. This will allow our records to show up not only in the SPSU library catalog, but in the Georgia Interconnected Libraries Catalog as well.

In April's update, we discussed how researchers might find our drawings by searching on their location. Another way researchers might find our holdings would be to search by building type. In the first 1400 drawings, there are 125 different building represented. In those 125 buildings:

28 are Medical Facilities

27 are Residential Dwellings

21 are Commercial structures

20 are Educational in nature

9 are Special Purpose buildings

8 are Federal Government facilties (mostly Post Offices)

6 are Spiritual Dwellings (churches)

4 are Government Housing projects

The archives looks forward to providing these resources to students and researchers who might use them for papers and publications.