Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Archives and visual learning

Happy Independence Day! The picture above this post isn't of fireworks - it represents a visual graph of the SPSU Archives progress blog. An explanation of the colors and structure of this graph can be found here.

Many of the subjects taught at SPSU attract students who are strong visual learners. Giving these students objects, photographs, and drawings to study can greatly increase their interest in and comprehension of a subject. When the SPSU Archives and Special Collections opens for student and faculty use next year, we hope to enhance learning at the university by providing students with access to unique images and objects relating to their fields of study.

To find out if you are a visual learner, take this quiz. To find out more about different learning styles and how they relate to college science education, check out the links over here.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

June Progress Report

for a larger image of this unique drawing of a spiral staircase, click here. The Architectural Drawing Collection is still in process, and we anticipate having over 2,000 drawings of approximately 150 different structures available for use by the SPSU community this fall.

This June, both the Archivist and the Cataloger attended workshops on the new descriptive standard for archives that is endorsed by the Society of American Archivists. We'll be using this standard, along with Library of Congress MARC records to provide access information to those wishing to use the architectural drawing collection this fall. Due to space restrictions, access will be limited to SPSU students, faculty, and staff until renovations to the existing archives space occur.