Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Our First External Researchers

Picture of a researcher using our guest station. For a larger image, click here.

August has been the month of researchers in the SPSU archives. For the first time, we've had visits and requests from outside the University of Georgia system. Above, Diana Werling from The Jaeger Company uses the visitor station in special collections. We've also had requests from the National Library of Medicine. Both requests were for scanned copies of materials; increasingly, it seems that users wish to receive their information as a digital file, rather than in photocopy form. This benefits the archives as we can index these scanned images for our own use at a later date.

A draft of our first EAD finding aid has been submitted to the Digital Library of Georgia for proofing (you can see an unfinished rough version of it over here). Once we have pushed our product up to the standards endorsed by the Research Library Group, we'll be able to make information about our unique materials available to scholars everywhere.

In recent weeks the SPSU blog was also one of the first blogs to be added into the new ArchivesBlogs RSS.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

August Progress Report

Picture of CM capstone projects arranged by the archivist. For a larger image, click here.

The Archives has now arranged and described six examples of "A" level capstone projects from our Construction Management program. Any student wishing to access the sampling of projects that have previously recieved an A should contact the archivist and schedule an appointment if possible.

This August the cataloger and archivist started the month out by attending a class on Encoded Archival Description. We hope by the end of the month to have the finding aid for the Gregson and Ellis Architectural Drawings up on our home page to facilitate access to this collection. After we get the first collection up and running, hopefully other finding aids will be quick to follow.

This month also saw the Archives launch its new main web page, loading with links to information on the archives. You can even find a list of collections in progress for those curious as to what we'll be working on this academic year.